About Us

   We are a family oriented, home-grown, small business. Newly founded and well trained. Dave Neuman, the business manager and owner, is eager to help you with all your concerns about draught beer lines and systems.

   Dave and his wife, Laura, have been running a small business for over 20 years. Together they have fabricated Air-Medic Climate Control. They deal with smaller jobs from residential furnace installs to bigger jobs such as roof top units of commercial buildings, walk in coolers, and freezers.

   Well-educated in HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration), they strive to please you (the customer) to the point of satisfaction. With several trained technicians on staff, someone is always willing to help in emergency cases.

   After having this successful business throughout two decades, they have expanded their small business and grown another branch; Draught beer line-cleaning and installation.


Our Services

Why Clean?

Find out the benefits of cleaning your Draught Beer and Draught Wine Lines.

Service and Repair

See what services and repairs we offer. 

Line Cleaning

Get your draught beer and draught wine lines cleaned and start pouring better beer and wine.


Trust us with your draught beer or draught wine system installation. We maintain best practices and procedures employed by the largest breweries in the world. 

Find better quality beer in town 

Great beer must be handled conscientiously to arrive in the glass in perfect condition.  When handled properly form brewery to bar to glass, draught beer delivers what many consider to be the freshest, most flavorful beer available to the customer.